Samsung UN55F7500 vs UN55F7100

Samsung UN55F7500 Short Review

Samsung UN55F7500

Samsung UN55F7500

Samsung UN55F7500 is the 55-inch LED TV that has been recently launched by Samsung. It is one of 2013 Samsung’s best LED TV lineups which was released on March 2013. This 55-inch LED TV was perfectly created and designed as one the best competitors for 55-inch LED TV among Samsung’s lineups. As Samsung’s best competitor, this UN55F7500 comes with various best features and specifications that you could never imagine of. These features run every application on its simplest way. Running on 240Hz on Refresh Rate and Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality, this LED TV gives you a lot more activities to do.

Other than being great on Refresh Rate and full-screen image, this 55-inch LED TV is also supported with 3D Feature that is able to give you a pleasant experience when you’re watching your favorite programs on TV. Running also on Clear Motion Rate 960 and Micro Dimming Pro, this 55-inch LED TV can both depict fast-moving images and maximize contrast between light and dark. Two of these features are really related to how you can enjoy your picture in your living room while its quad-core processor perform its best. Read Samsung UN55F7500 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN55F7100 Short Review

Samsung UN55F7100

Samsung UN55F7100

Samsung UN55F7100 is the 55-inch LED TV is known as the older version of UN55F7500. It’s the 55-inch LED TV and was released on March 2013, a week before the UN55F7500 was released public. Perfectly created and designed good-looking, this 55-inch LED TV offers you the best features and specifications from the first time you’ve seen it. As a week-older version LED TV, of course, this 55-inch LED runs on its best features ever. It has similar number on Refresh Rate of 240Hz and it’s also Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality.

Not to only mention that, its dual-core processor runs every application completed on this TV fast and simple. Your activities, including watching and browsing the internet could be done instantly, right at the time you want it to be done. Supported also with Clear Motion Rate 720 and Micro Dimming, the picture coming out from this 55-inch LED TV will come more vivid and crisp. These two features will also give a huge difference when you turn the 3D feature on. You will definitely watch the best picture ever on your screen. Read Samsung UN55F7100 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN55F7500 vs UN55F7100 Comparison Table

Samsung UN55F7500
Samsung UN55F7100
Release Year March 2013 March 2013
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
Refresh Rate 240Hz 240Hz
Micro Dimming PRO Standard
Clear Motion Rate 960 720
Processor Quad-core Processor Dual-Core Processor
3D Active 3D Active 3D
Built-in Camera YES NO
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Samsung UN55F7500 vs UN55F7100 Key Difference

The key difference between these two 55-inch LED TVs lies on some important parts of these TVs, including Micro Dimming, Clear Motion Rate and processor. Between the two, the UN55F7500 is supported with better specifications. It has higher number Clear Motion Rate than the UN55F7100, which is 960, while the F7100 only has 720. The different number of CMR can probably also make a huge difference on how pictures are received on both TVs. Because of that, although it has similar number of Refresh Rate, the picture can look differently on both normal and 3D mode. The one with higher number CMR will show a better picture.

The other main difference on these two TV lies on its Micro Dimming and processor. The UN55F7500 is supported with Micro Dimming Pro while the other is supported with the standard one. The Micro Dimming is used for maximizing contrast between light and dark (deeper blacks and brighter whites), while the PRO one also eliminates the “halo” effect and any kind of image distortion that can happen with diffused lights. These features should have worked best if there had a best processor installed. However, the one installed with quad-core processor is the UN55F7500, therefore this 55-inch LED TV is going to perform better and faster than the UN55F7100.

Samsung UN55F7500 vs UN55F7100 Final Summary

Even though these TVs has same size on screen, the UN55F7500 seems to have a better performance on all parts since it’s supported with quad-core processor on it. It also has better number on Clear Motion Rate and Micro Dimming PRO. The UN55F7100, its “sister” wasn’t supported with plenty features and specifications like F7500 was. The quad-core processor is one of the best ways to support every tasks you’re running on the TV, therefore everything goes smooth and fast as never before.

However, the UN55F7100 also has lot of things to considered as its best. Although it doesn’t have better Clear Motion Rate or great quad-core processor, it proves how it can perform and work really well when it lacks many parts.

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