Samsung UN50F6300 vs UN50F5500

Samsung UN50F6300 Short Review

Samsung UN50F6300

Samsung UN50F6300

Samsung UN50F6300 is the 55-inch LED TV that Samsung has recently launched to the market this year. It was released on February 2013 and is loaded with various features and specifications to give customers the best entertainment ever. It runs every applications and system in a simplest way, therefore, you wouldn’t find any trouble from the first start you’re turning on it. It also runs on 120Hz on Refresh Rate and delivers a Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality.

Other features included on this 50-inch LED TV are Clear Motion Rate 240 (CMR 240) and dual-core processor as its TV’s processor. These two features will give and “catch” the picture on its specific detail to create a more vivid viewing experience. Fast-action movie or sports will be easily viewed comfortably from where you’re sitting on as the processor works as fast as the time you’re turning your TV on. Read Samsung UN50F6300 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN50F5500 Short Review

Samsung UN50F5500

Samsung UN50F5500

Samsung UN50F5500 is coming as one of Samsung’s 2013 LED TV lineup. It’s the 50-inch LED TV Samsung has successfully brought to the market to compete other 50-inch LED competitors in the market. This 50-inch LED TV was released on March 2013 and comes with great improvements. The UN50F5500 is supported with numerous features and specifications, which makes the whole package of the TV look amazing and great. Different experience of viewing will be available for you to enjoy. Features and specifications supported on the UN50F5500 include Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality and Smart TV feature.

Not to only mention that, there are also Clear Motion Rate 120 and dual-core processor to run every systems installed on this TV faster than before. These features, especially CMR 120, are related to creating the best picture you’ve ever received in the screen.With also Full 1080p Resolution, the picture will come out smooth and clear and sharp. Its Smart TV feature has five newest panels to let you feel easier when you’re accessing on your favorite contents. Read Samsung UN50F5500 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN50F6300 vs UN50F5500 Comparison Table

Samsung UN50F6300
Samsung UN50F5500  
Release Year March 2013 March 2013
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
LED Backlighting Direct LED Direct LED
Clear Motion Rate 240 120
Micro Dimming NO NO
Processor Dual-core Processor Dual-core Processor
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Samsung UN50F6300 vs UN50F5500 Key Difference

The key difference between Samsung UN46F5500 and UN50F5500 clearly lies on its Clear Motion Rate. These TVs both have Smart TV feature available on it. These TVs work on similar Smart TV platform function. They have five upgraded panels. They include On TV Panel; Movies and TV Shows Panel; Photos, Videos and Music Panel; Social Panel and Smart Apps Panel. Of course, it will make exact difference on how an internet access can be connected right away.

Those who love to connect the internet or stream online movies will find the newer version better than the old one. The other main difference is on its processor which boast every system running on the TV. Not to only mention that, both of these TVs are supported with dual-core processor, therefore they are able to deliver picture faster than before.

Samsung UN50F6300 vs UN50F5500 Final Summary

Samsung UN50F6300 and UN50F5500 have the same size on screen. However, the F6300 seems to have a lot of benefits, especially on its Clear Motion Rate and equipment supported on transferring files: video, music and photos. Connecting your favorite online contents is right now easier when you’re doing it on the Samsung UN50F6300 It’s much simpler and faster than before. Streaming movies or connecting your favorite social network will come really friendly as you wish.

On processor system, faster performance seems to work really great on the both TVs. They both are supported with great dual-core processor, so they are able to response fast and deliver picture amazingly. However, both of these 50-inch LED TV are supported with plenty of HDMI/ USB inputs. The inputs are meant for you to easily transfer your files into the TV.

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