Samsung UN46F6300 vs LG 47LN5700

Samsung UN46F6300 Short Review

Samsung UN46F6300

Samsung UN46F6300

Samsung UN46F6300 is the 46-inch LED TV that Samsung has recently launched to the market this year. It was released on March 2013 and is loaded with various features and specifications to give customers the best entertainment ever. It runs every applications and system in a simplest way, therefore, you wouldn’t find any trouble from the first start you’re turning on it. It also runs on 120Hz on Refresh Rate and delivers a Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality.

Other features included on this 46-inch LED TV are Clear Motion Rate 240 (CMR 240) and dual-core processor as its TV’s processor. These two features will give and “catch” the picture on its specific detail to create a more vivid viewing experience. Fast-action movie or sports will be easily viewed comfortably from where you’re sitting on as the processor works as fast as the time you’re turning your TV on. Read Samsung UN46F6300 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 47LN5700 Short Review

LG 47LN5700

LG 47LN5700

LG 47LN5700 comes as one of LG’s 2013 best LED TV lineups. It’s the 47-inch LED TV that has been produced by LG on February 2013. As one of LG’s 2013 best LED TV products, this 47-inch LED TV has been already upgraded with various features and specifications. Fully completed with HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality, this 47-inch LED TV is ready to make your daily routine more fun and exciting. Those who want much comfort on viewing experience might fit to the TV.

Other features and specifications supported on the 47LN5700 include Direct LED Backlighting and 120Hz TruMotion Technology. These three features are all related to creating the best picture you’ve ever received in the screen. Also, LG offers this 47-inch LED TV with Smart TV platform, a platform that enables you to connect to the internet as much as you want. Therefore, you are able to both watch and access your favorite online contents, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. Read LG 47LN5700 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN46F6300 vs LG 47LN5700 Comparison Table

Samsung UN47F6300
LG 47LN5700 
Release Year March 2013 February 2013
Screen Size 46-inch 47-inch
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
LED Backlighting Direct LED Direct LED
Refresh Rate Clear Motion Rate 240 120Hz TruMotion Technology
Smart TV Smart HUB LG Smart World
Dual-core Processor YES YES
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Samsung UN46F6300 vs LG 47LN5700 Key Difference

The first key difference between these two LED TVs lies on its TV size and Refresh Rate feature. The Samsung UN46F6300 has 46-inch on screen size and is supported with Clear Motion Rate 240, while the LG 47LN5700 has 47-inch on screen size and is supported with 120Hz TruMotion Technology. Actually, the Refresh Rate feature completed on these TV is similar to each other, although they are named differently.

They are still able to deliver the greatest picture ever into your screen. As for the TV’s processor, both of these TVs are supported with dual-core processor, so it will make the whole performance faster than before. Both of the features can also be enjoyed comfortably while you’re at home. On Smart TV feature, these LED TVs share similar functions. LG and Samsung both work really great on LG Smart World and Samsung Smart Hub. It means that it would be easier to access the internet.

Samsung UN46F6300 vs LG 47LN5700 Final Summary

These LED TVs have different features and specifications. The main difference seen is the Refresh Rate feature. However, it doesn’t make any of them look worse. Both of them were well supported by other great features. These LED TVs are also supported with Smart TV feature and have a lot of simple access to connect to the internet.  Therefore, you are able to watch various videos directly on your favorite streaming sites, such as YouTube or Netflix.

While on HDMI/USB input, both of these TVs share similar number on it. They both have 4 inputs on HDMI and 3 inputs on USB. Therefore, the file transferring or connecting to Blu-ray disc will be as simple and fast as you’ve never imagined before. Also, these LED TVs will also cut and save your electricity bill per month since they are very efficient.

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