Samsung UN40F5500 vs UN40EH5300

Samsung UN40F5500 Short Review

Samsung UN40F5500

Samsung UN40F5500

Samsung UN40F5500 is coming as one of Samsung’s 2013 LED TV lineup. It’s the 40-inch LED TV Samsung has successfully brought to the market to compete other 40-inch LED competitors in the market. This 40-inch LED TV was released on March 2013 and comes as a newer version of Samsung UN40EH5300. The UN40F5500 is supported with numerous features and specifications, which makes the whole package of the TV look amazing and great.

Features and specifications supported on the UN40F5500 include Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality and Smart TV feature. There are also Clear Motion Rate 120 and dual-core processor to run every systems installed on this TV faster than before. These features, especially CMR 120, are related to creating the best picture you’re received in the screen. Completed with Full HD 1080p Resolution, the picture will come out smooth, clear and sharp. Its Smart TV feature has five convenient panels to let you feel easier when you’re accessing on your favorite contents. Read Samsung UN40F5500 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN40EH5300 Short Review

Samsung UN40EH5300

Samsung UN40EH5300

Samsung UN40EH5300 came as one of Samsung’s 2012 LED TV lineup. It’s the 40-inch LED TV that has been produced and launched as the older version of UN40F5500. It was then released on February 2012, a year before the UN40F5500 was released. Samsung UN40EH5300 is one of the bestselling 40-Inch LED HDTV on 2012.  It came a bit different compare to the newer version. For example. Samsung hasn’t already upgraded its features and specifications on this LED TV. But, compared to the newer one, this UN40EH5300 is still able to compete with its lower price.

Features and specifications supported on the UN40EH5300 include Full HD 1080p Resolution on picture quality and Clear Motion 120 on delivering great picture quality. These features are intended to bring perfect picture quality on the screen. Also, Samsung offers this 40-inch LED TV with Smart TV platform, a platform that enables you to connect to the internet as much as you want. Therefore, you are able to both watch and access your favorite online contents, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. However, this Smart TV feature only has 3 panels to let you access the internet. Read Samsung UN40EH5300 Customers’ Reviews…

Samsung UN40F5500 vs UN40EH5300 Comparison Table

Samsung UN40F5500
Samsung UN40EH5300
Released  March 2013 February 2012
Screen Size 40-inch 40-inch
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
LED Backlighting Direct LED Direct LED
Clear Motion Rate 120 120
Smart TV YES (with five panels) YES (with three panels)
Dual-core Processor YES NO
HDMI/ USB Inputs 3/2 3/2
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Samsung UN40F5500 vs UN40EH5300 Key Difference

The key difference between Samsung UN40F5500 and Samsung UN40EH5300 lies on its Smart TV platform and the processor that has been installed to both of the TVs. These TVs both have Smart TV feature available on it, yet different on its panel. The UN40EH5300 only had it three panels installed, including Signature Services (Family Story, Fitness, and Kids Story) Panel, Apps Panel and Browse and Search Panel. Each of these panels provide you shortcuts to access to your favorite content. On the newer one, Samsung added some new features to the 40-inch LED TV.

The UN40F5500, on the other side, has five upgraded panels on its Smart TV. They include On TV Panel; Movies and TV Shows Panel; Photos, Videos and Music Panel; Social Panel and Smart Apps Panel. Of course, it will make exact difference on how an internet access can be connected right away. Those who love to connect the internet or stream online movies will find the newer version better than the old one.

The other main difference is on its processor which boast every system running on the TV. The UN40EH5300 isn’t supported with dual-core processor, so that it’s not able to deliver faster performance. While Samsung UN40F5500, as a newer one, is able to deliver picture faster than before.

Samsung UN40F5500 vs UN40EH5300 Final Summary

Samsung UN40F5500 and UN40EH5300 has the same size on screen, the newer version indeed has a lot of benefits, especially on its Smart TV platform, processor and equipment supported on transferring files: video, music and photos. Connecting your favorite online contents is right now easier when you’re doing it on the Samsung UN40F5500. Streaming movies or connecting your favorite social network will come really friendly as well.

On processor system, faster performance seems to work really great on the UN40F5500. The older one isn’t supported with dual-core processor, which makes its performance seems to lack in some parts. These features are therefore making the F5500 a step higher on better performing, delivering picture and accessing the internet. However, both of these 40-inch LED TV are supported with plenty of HDMI/ USB inputs. The inputs are meant for you to easily transfer your files into the TV.

So all in all if you need the new 2013 version of Smart TV from Samsung as well as its dual core processor, then Samsung UN40F5500 is your best choice. But If you need usual Smart TV with no need to run fast Apps that needs dual core processor, then Samsung UN40EH5300 with cheaper price is still a good choice.

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