Panasonic TC-P55VT60 vs TC-P55ST60

Panasonic TC-P55VT60 Short Review

Panasonic TC-P55VT60

Panasonic TC-P55VT60

Panasonic TC-P55VT60 comes as one of Panasonic’s 2013 best Plasma TV lineup. It’s the 55-inch Plasma TV that Panasonic has launched to the market to compete other Plasma competitors. It was released on April 2013 and had various features and specifications to entertain you whenever you want. A remarkable performance coming out from this good-looking TV will be really fun to enjoy on this Plasma TV. Different viewing experience will be also really possible to enjoy from where you’re sitting.

Except its good-looking design, this 55-inch Plasma TV is also completed with another capabilities. They include Smart TV feature, called VIERA Connect and 3D Feature which make your daily task ran on this TV seem really fun to do. A comfortable shortcut is also easy to access, whether it’s the apps or features on this 55-inch Plasma TV. On display drive to deliver picture, the TC-P55VT60 uses a 3000 Focused Field Drive which enables the TV to create a crisp clear moving pictures. This feature will create the best picture you’ve ever received in the screen and enable you to easily enjoy a breathtaking fast-action scenes with stunning clarity. Read Panasonic TC-P55VT60 Customers’ Reviews…

Panasonic TC-P55ST60 Short Review

Panasonic TC-P55ST60

Panasonic TC-P55ST60

Panasonic TC-P55ST60 came as one of Panasonic’s 2013 best Plasma TV lineup. It’s the 55-inch Plasma TV that Panasonic has produced and launched this year, on January 2013. Supported with numerous features and specifications, this 55-inch Plasma TV will offer and provide you an amazing performance that Plasma is able to give. It’s also going to give you a more different experience in viewing and an outstanding stunning picture directly from where you’re on.┬áCompleted with 3D Feature on it, this 55-inch Plasma gives you various experiences of watching 3D movie just like in the movie theater, making your viewing experience much more fun to do.

Other than that, this 55-inch Plasma TV includes a Smart TV feature, called VIERA Connect which lets you connect to the internet as often as you want. It makes your search a lot easier. If you want to browse some movie-streaming sites, all you have to do is click on the options and find it on your way. On display drive to deliver picture, the TC-P55ST60 uses a 2500 Focused Field Drive which enables the TV to create a crisp clear moving pictures. Read Panasonic TC-P55ST60 Customers’ Reviews…

Panasonic TC-P55VT60 vs TC-P55ST60 Comparison Table

Panasonic TC-P55VT60 Panasonic TC-P55ST60
Release Year April 2013 January 2013
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
Display Drive 3000 Focused Field Drive 2500 Focused Field Drive
Panel NeoPlasma Black 3000 NeoPlasma Black
3D Feature YES YES
3D Glasses 3 pairs of 3D glasses 2 pairs of 3D glasses
Built-in Camera YES Optional
HDMI/ USB Inputs 3/3 3/2
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Panasonic TC-P55VT60 vs TC-P55ST60 Key Difference

The key differences between these two similar 55-inch Plasma TV lie on its Display Drive and some other features. On Display Drive, the TC-P55VT60 is proved to be greater than the TC-P55ST60. Panasonic has successfully upgraded its improvement on Display Drive to the TC-P55VT60. Its 3000 Focused Field Drive is able to give an extraordinary stunning picture and breathtaking fast-action movies into your screen. including on 3D mode. Although the TC-P55ST60 has similar ability to create crisp pictures and deliver them into the screen, its “final touch” is a bit different to to the newer one, especially on 3D mode. The TC-P55VT60 would show normal-mode picture just like as in the 3D mode.

Other than that, the TC-P55ST60 is only supported with two slots of USB input. It makes the files transferring cannot be done from many sources. Therefore, it cannot be faster. Using Skype to communicate with your friends and family is now really simple when you have the TC-P55VT60 since it has a built-in camera. In TC-P55ST60, built-in camera can only be installed if you ask the company to install it. On the other words, it’s only optional. However, both of them works really great on delivering picture.

Panasonic TC-P55VT60 vs TC-P55ST60 Final Summary

Even though these Plasma TVs have a same size on screen, the TC-P55VT60 seems to have a lot of benefits, especially on its Display Drive and equipment supported on watching 3D movie. On Display Drive, the TC-P55ST60 is only supported with 2500 Focused Field, which makes picture-delivering seems to lack in some parts. Thus, in 3D mode, the TC-P55VT60 has its best offer, since it’s supported with higher-number on Display Drive. It boasts better vibrant picture than the older one. Then these features are making the TC-P55VT60 a step higher on delivering picture, both in normal and 3D mode. You are now able to watch and view how crisp the pictures are on both mode.

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