LG 42LN5300 vs 42LN5200

LG 42LN5300 Short Review

LG 42LN5300

LG 42LN5300

LG 42LN5300 is going to be one of your favorite LED TV for 42-inch series. The 42LN5300 also comes as one of the LG’s 2013 best LED TV lineups which was released on March 2013. This 42-inch LED TV comes with several stunning features and specifications and allows you t0 enjoy every picture in a great bright level. Watching every programs on the TV will also be really interesting for you.

Other features and specifications completed on this 42-inch LED TV is the Full HD 1080p Resolution for best picture quality and many more. You’re going to see a sharp, bright, clear picture on your screen. Also by using Picture Wizard II Technology, you will get an easy-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality. Read LG 42LN5300 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 42LN5200 Short Review

LG 42LN5200

LG 42LN5200

LG 42LN5200 comes as one of the best-choice 42-inch LED TV published by LG. This 42-inch LED TV was publicly released on July 2013 and is going to entertain your daily life with its excellent features and amazing high-level picture in your screen. Also completed with great specifications, LG 42LN5200 will offer you great stunning picture directly into your eyes, since it’s Full HD 1080p Resolution.

Besides Full HD 1080p Resolution, this 42-inch LED TV is also supported with great Picture Wizard II Technology to let you do an easy an easy-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality, such as clarity and sharpness. Along with great 60Hz Refresh Rate completed on this 42-inch, the 42LN5200 perfectly delivers a great picture into your screen. While you’re on free time, watching programs on this 42-inch LED TV will be really comforting. Read LG 42LN5200 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 42LN5300 vs 42LN5200 Comparison Table

LG 42LN5300 LG 42LN5200
Release Year March 2013 July 2013
Screen Size 42-inch 42-inch
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
Refresh Rate 60Hz Refresh Rate 60Hz Refresh Rate
LED Technology Direct LED Direct LED
Picture Wizard II Technology YES YES
HDMI/ USB Inputs 2/1 2/1
Price Check Best Price  Check Best Price

LG 42LN5300 vs 42LN5200 Key Difference

There are no slight key difference between LG 42LN5300 and 42LN5200. On every features, they have similar performance. Its difference will probably be seen on the TV’s design. The LN5200 may probably have better design than the LN5300. However, all the performance seems similar to each other.

Other features completed in both TVs are great Picture Wizard II Technology and great Energy Saving Feature. It delivers great crisp detail when it’s available. As for Display Panel, both of these TVs share the same Direct LED Technology to deliver the greatest picture ever to your screen. They work perfectly the best performance ever and boast every system running on the TV perfectly.

LG 42LN5300 vs 42LN5200 Final Summary

Even though both of LED TVs have same size on screen, both of these TV did their performance best. Its Direct LED Display Technology gives customers a real high-level of picture you’ve never seen. Anyway, the one which makes these TVs different is its TV’s design. On Refresh Rate, these 42-inch LED TVs share similar technology. They both use a 60Hz Refresh Technology. It means that every picture coming out on these TV will be a similar.

Their Picture Wizard II Technology works perfectly. Its self-calibration completed on it is more than enough to make customers really comfortable on watching on movies/ programs. Other than that, both of these 42-inch LED TV are also supported with Smart Energy Saving feature, therefore both TV set can save up your money per month. According to these, as a conclusion, these 2 kinds of LED TVs are one of the best LG’s 42-inch LED TV.

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